How does the acidity scale work?

Answer Chemical compounds are acidic, neutral or basic. Scientists use a special scale of measurement known as pH to determine how acidic or basic a compound is or if the compound is neutral.The pH ScaleT... Read More »

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How Does the General Schedule Step Scale Work?

Most of the salaries of US Government civil service jobs fall under the General Schedule (GS) pay system. The system provides for a series of grade and step increases in pay, which permits an emplo... Read More »

On a scale of 1 to 10... How sore is root canal work?

I am a dental hygienst...and have had a root canal...and it was a 1 in pain for me....It all depends on how much infection there is in the tooth,..the more infection...the harder it is to FREEZE th... Read More »

In windows excel, Clicking the scale arrow in the Scale to fit group opens which dialoug box?

To answer your test and/or homework assignment, choose "D" (Page Setup), since this is based upon the 2007 version of MS-Excel..

How much would 1 mile of n scale model train scale track cost?

Okay, a mile in N-Scale would be 33 feet. Atlas N-scale Flex Track is $4.25 for 30 inchesSO, 33 feet turned to inches is 369 inches... now divide that by 30 inches and that gives you 13.2 lengths ... Read More »