How does the U.S. finance health care?

Answer According to the Kaiser Family Foundation website, America spent $2.2 trillion on total health care costs--which equates to $7,421 for each person and made up 16.2 percent of the nation's total gro... Read More »

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Would Obama's new care plan decrease health care cost and increase access to care?

What does a health care administrator do?

Health care administrators are professionals who handle the business side of the medical industry. Serving as managers or executives, administrators perform a variety of tasks daily to keep hospita... Read More »

What Does SNP Stand for in Health Care Insurance?

SNP in health insurance stands for "special needs plan," according to the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services. Special needs plan are custom insurance plans for people with a specific diseas... Read More »

Does Gabon have a health care system?

Yes Gabon is one of Africas wealthier countries and has a health care system including clinics and hospitals.