I want to buy notebook.please give opinion that i have to buy notebook or laptop which one is better?

Answer A laptop is considerably better than a notebook, having increased performance and speed. A laptop can also handle a lot more than a notebook.

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Is a Windows notebook or Mac notebook better?

On One Hand: Windows is More Popular and PCs are Less ExpensiveMore Windows PCs are sold each year than Macs. If it's important to you that you use a computer that is similar to others you might en... Read More »

What does notebook mean?

a book or binder of blank, often ruled, pages for recording notes, esp. one used by students in class.a book in which promissory notes are entered, registered, recorded, etc.a small, lightweight la... Read More »

What does an HDMI port do on a notebook?

HDMI is a video and audio interface used on the latest AV equipment. The interface supports HD signals surround sound audio and also allows the display to tell the source what type of screen it is... Read More »

Does HP Touchsmart make a notebook computer?

Yes. The HP TouchSmart tm2 is a convertible notebook that uses the company's touch-screen monitor technology. The TouchSmart tm2 can be used in a standard laptop configuration and as a tablet. HP... Read More »