How does the Navy College Fund work?

Answer The Navy College Fund, or NCF, provides an enlisted seaman with up to $15,000 for college expenses in addition to what he may be eligible for through the Montgomery G.I. Bill.Who Funds the NCF?The ... Read More »

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How to Activate a Navy College Fund?

According to the Bureau of Naval Personnel, the Navy College Fund is offered as an incentive or signing bonus to certain qualified individuals. Naval recruits who meet certain standards like Armed ... Read More »

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The recent market downturn has cut many college savings funds in half. Parents and college-bound kids are going to have to make some tough choices between now and next fall, and the toughest of tho... Read More »

How does the appearance fund on Judge Judy work?

The judgement is paid out of the fund and remaining is devided between the two litigants

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