How does the Linux opperating system work?

Answer I don't think you'll get a sufficient answer here to so broad a question. Instead, I suggest you check out your local library or bookshop (or amazon etc.) Here are some suggestions:The Linux Pock... Read More »

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How does one change from a Microsoft operating system to another like Ubunty Linux?

Sounds like a pirate copy of Microsoft Windows. Here is how to tell:…There are plenty of ways to upgrade to Ubuntu - even without a CD drive!https://help.u... Read More »

How does the muscular system work with the nervous system?

The brain controls all body systems. It interacts with other body systems through a network of neurons, which make up the nervous system. These specialized neurons communicate with muscles througho... Read More »

How Does the Muscular System Work With the Circulatory System?

All the systems of the body work closely together to maintain homeostasis--the dynamic balance of internal conditions which the body works constantly to preserve. The muscular system and circulator... Read More »

How does the skeletal system work with the respiratory system?

The human skeletal system is a network of bones. These bones are living tissue that provide the shape and form of the human body, protect internal organs and produce blood cells. Its functions sup... Read More »