How does the Linux opperating system work?

Answer I don't think you'll get a sufficient answer here to so broad a question. Instead, I suggest you check out your local library or bookshop (or amazon etc.) Here are some suggestions:The Linux Pock... Read More »

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How to Run the Linux Operating System From a DVD?

Of all of the operating systems being used today, Linux is a popular choice after Microsoft Windows and Apple's OS X. Linux is free, open-source and will run on almost any architecture. Another ni... Read More »

How to Set up a Mixed Linux System?

A mixed Linux system is a Linux system with packages from the same distro but releases other than the one installed. Say you want to install Firefox 3.5 in Debian 3.1 for example.

How to be a Linux System Administrator?

(1) First, learn by doing. Install VirtualBox or some other VM and then install several flavours of Linux to try out. If possible, get several computers networked together so as to set up your o... Read More »

How to Backup a System in Linux?

The Linux operating system stores all of its files in the "/" folder, called the root folder, on the computer's main hard drive. By creating a copy of this file, you can back up the entire file sys... Read More »