How does the Internet Company give you internet?

Answer Well Bruce...The Internet company, depending on which one you have, gives you a unique tool that is a direct product of the company. If you have broadband internet (otherwise known as cable), they ... Read More »

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Does a Wi-Fi card provide a company with Internet use?

The Wi-Fi card includes an antenna that allows your computer to pick up wireless Internet signals. A Wi-Fi card will provide Internet use if you have access to an existing wireless network or to a... Read More »

Does a router alone give you internet?

while the previosu answers are correct, i do have a modem w/ a router built in, so you do need to know about the router of which you speak...

Does the internet give people too much power?

Try asking this question on a site more suited for finding opinions, such as

Does DirecTV satellite company offer broadband Internet service?

DirecTV offers many services including several satellite television packages, high definition programming, digital video recording, international channels and premium sports packages. However, they... Read More »