Does wireless Internet service work with broadband phone service?

Answer Wireless Internet service works with broadband phone service. If you are using wireless Internet service, it is operating on a different network than broadband phone. If you want to use the wireles... Read More »

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Does 3g Iphone work without service?

Ofcourse you can use your phone without a sim card you absolute pillock.

Does DSL service work with magicJack?

Yes, magicJack will work with DSL. "A minimum bandwidth upload speed of 128 kb/s is required," however, according to magicJack. You can gauge your average upload speed at online bandwidth-speed-tes... Read More »

Who does the secret service agent work for?

Although the Secret Service is widely known for presidential security, they are under the direction of the Treasury department and have duties for maintaining security there.

Does an iphone work without active service?

The iPhone has a specially designed "Airplane Mode" which disables wireless service. In this mode, many of the iPhone's features will work, including the ability to read text and email messages sto... Read More »