Does wireless Internet service work with broadband phone service?

Answer Wireless Internet service works with broadband phone service. If you are using wireless Internet service, it is operating on a different network than broadband phone. If you want to use the wireles... Read More »

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What is A wireless service plan with a carrier that provides iPhone service in your area and do i need it for my iphone to work?

Does DSL service work with magicJack?

Yes, magicJack will work with DSL. "A minimum bandwidth upload speed of 128 kb/s is required," however, according to magicJack. You can gauge your average upload speed at online bandwidth-speed-tes... Read More »

Why work for the secret service?

Presidents after clinton get secret service protection for up to ten years after they leave office. Presidents before that who had secret service protection got it for life. Clinton was the last pr... Read More »

How to Know if You Should Work in Customer Service?

Customer service is a profession that puts you at the mercy of the client. Because of this, there are many qualities that are needed in a person who is interested in getting into customer service. ... Read More »