How does the Bose Wave Radio sound SOOOO good!?

Answer I have been buying Bose speakers for years and they are awesome! You just purchased a quality product from a company who researches on how to produce quality sound. My Bose speakers using some sort... Read More »

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Have you ever experienced the sound / music quality from a Bose Wave Radio or 3-2-1 system?

Despite their claims Bose is the least respected name in least among audiophiles. Check any audio forum and see what is said about Bose. I measured the distortion on the Wave Radio onc... Read More »

Can an ipod be hooked up to a bose wave radio?

The Bose website states that an iPod can hook up to its Wave systems with a dedicated connection kit that can also charge the portable player. The website advertises that these systems can deliver... Read More »

Bose Wave Radio II Frequency Setting Instructions?

Bose has been one of the leaders in home audio technology for almost 30 years, providing innovation in compact surround sound systems. If you are new to Bose radios, you might not be certain how to... Read More »

What Better Bose Wave music system or the Bose Acoustic Wave music systems as a a hifi system?

Seriously this isn't a cheap shot... Bose doesn't make hifi systems. I'm not hating on Bose, I'm just saying they're a lifestyle system. It's more about style then sound with them. To be honest,... Read More »