How do you get Peter's answers to work?

Answer In the "petition" box, type a period at the beginning of the answer you want to display. The period will show up as a "P" in "Peter, please respond:" Then you proceed to type the answer while the p... Read More »

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Going to work at a cam site & the site say its Ideal to use a mini DV why mini DV & not other kind like Flash?

I think i already answered your question earlier but just incase heres the info againLots to figure out..I actually work on about 8 cam sites and have 3 cams LOL so there is lots of things to figur... Read More »

In the TV series 'Peter Gunn' which actress played the role of Peter's girlfriend?

Lola Albright Played 'Edie' According to "Biography," it was the actress Lola Albright who "enjoyed her greatest fame in the late-'50s and early-'60s television series Peter Gunn, playing Edie, the... Read More »

Does this link or site even work?

No it doesn't work. I copied and pasted it into a google search and the only result i got was this question.

Why doesn't a flash site work ?

Make sure the path to the images is correct. Flash is hard to troubleshoot unless we can see everything. If the pictures aren't loading I would assume you've linked them improperly.