How does the Apple TV work?

Answer Think of it like an iPod Touch, except:- It shows videos on your TV instead of on its own screen- To control it you use its remote, instead of buttons on it or its touchscreen- You can't add apps t... Read More »

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Do apps that work with airplay work with an apple wire tv connection too?

How can i get my apple id to work?

Go back to your old iTunes computer, go to the music part of your account and copy the whole iTunes folder to a thumb drive, take this to your new computer and copy the iTunes folder onto that, rep... Read More »

How to Work With Apple Partitions on a PC?

Apple Macintosh computers running Mac OS X and computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system use different file systems to store data on the hard drive. Windows computers use the New Tec... Read More »

Will an Apple keyboard work on a PC?