How does temperature effect the elasticity of a bouncy ball?

Answer When the temperature inside of a rubber ball, like a basketball, goes down, the air inside compresses, causing the ball to deflate. If the air heats up it expands, expanding the outside of the ball... Read More »

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What is the temperature of a regular bouncy ball?

A regular bouncy ball will take on the temperature of the surrounding area. Bouncy balls that are the average room temperature or warmer bounce better than balls that are cold.Source:University of ... Read More »

Does temperature affect the height a bouncy ball bounces?

In general, a colder ball will not bounce as high as a warmer ball. Cold reduces the elasticity of the ball's plastic or rubber material. For a hollow ball, cold temperatures lower the internal air... Read More »

Does temperature affect the elasticity of rubberbands?

Temperature can affect the elasticity of a rubber band. A warmer band is harder to stretch, because the higher temperatures cause disorganization in the molecules. A colder rubber band is easier to... Read More »

How to Keep a Bouncy Ball as a Pet?

It can be depressing not having a pet, but you can turn your bouncy balls into pets and have lots of fun.