How does teenage pregnancy affect family and community?

Answer It affects the community because teen parents are more inclined to need financial support. The family have to help you while you finish school and you might not be able to move out for years since ... Read More »

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How does teenage pregnancy affect the community?

- Less educated women since 60% drops out of school and not everyone goes back. - More single parents - More welfare Teen pregnancies cost the USA 8 billion dollars a year.

How does teenage pregnancy affect community?

The US spend $8 billion on teen pregnancies. Less well educated women since only 1% has graduated from college by the time they are 30. More single parents since only 4% of the relationships last.

How does teenage pregnancy affect a family?

- There can be less money due to having to buy baby items and pay daycare. - The parents of the teen has their lives changed with a baby in the house again. - Less private time and more babysittin... Read More »

What are the 5 ways in which teenage pregnancy impacts the community?

1. Teen pregnancies cost society 8 billion dollars a year of tax payers money that could've been spent on many other things. 2. Less highly educated women since 60% drop out of high school and man... Read More »