How does teenage pregnancy affect childbirth?

Answer Most teenagers do amazingly well as long as they have a good support system and know what to expect.

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How teenage pregnancy can affect one's life? are responsible for someone other than you!!!!!

How does teenage pregnancy affect a family?

- There can be less money due to having to buy baby items and pay daycare. - The parents of the teen has their lives changed with a baby in the house again. - Less private time and more babysittin... Read More »

How will teenage pregnancy affect you emotionally?

Teenage pregnancy not only affects a person emotionally, but also physically, mentally and financially. You may experience mood swings and feelings of guilt and sometimes even regret. Also, you may... Read More »

How does teenage pregnancy affect community?

The US spend $8 billion on teen pregnancies. Less well educated women since only 1% has graduated from college by the time they are 30. More single parents since only 4% of the relationships last.