How does teen pregnancy effect the lives of your family?

Answer It becomes a shameful matter for the whole family . And the girl will no longer be trusted out alone, and if a baby comes on the way . Then what to do is a big problem.

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If your husband covers his stepdaughter on his insurance through employer and the child lives with her dad how does it effect him if her dad files bankruptcy on the child's medical bills?

Cuesta cerca de pesos por cada una, pero eso si es muy doloroso, y se hace en casos donde ya no se puede hacer nada por la muela, si cobran mas de , te estan tomando el pelo, mejor saquela ud. == =... Read More »

Why do people call teen pregnancy a mistake today if teen pregnancy was common in the old days?

Answer Teen pregnancy in the "Old Days" wasn't taboo because most girls were married before they were 17 so it was common to start their family because large families were also common to help out o... Read More »

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