How does technology affect Italian foods?

Answer Italians are world-renowned for their pastas, risottos and polentas, among many other dishes. Most Italian cooking is simple and is distinguished by the high quality of ingredients used. But severa... Read More »

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Which Italian foods are your favorites?

calzone or itailian hogie :) i love italian foods! i love italian cream soda too, though it's a drink :)

Italian Easter Foods?

'Pasquale' or Easter in Italy is one of the biggest festivals of the year, even rivaling Christmas for importance. Easter is usually a week-long celebration, culminating on Easter Sunday, the day w... Read More »

Foods From the Italian Renaissance?

During the Italian Renaissance of the 15th and 16th centuries, people largely ate what they could afford. Peasants ate what they could grow or catch, and the upper classes enjoyed a wide range of f... Read More »

Do you like Italian or Chinese foods better?

i like chinese better. it's healthier / tastier. i ask for mine to be made with no msg and only a litlle oil, i ask them not to add any sugar. it tastes just as good and is much healtheir.