How does technology affect Italian foods?

Answer Italians are world-renowned for their pastas, risottos and polentas, among many other dishes. Most Italian cooking is simple and is distinguished by the high quality of ingredients used. But severa... Read More »

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How Does Technology Affect Food Distribution?

Technology has enhanced food distribution. More foods can make it to more places now than they once could. Before technology we could only eat what was grown locally, but that is no longer the case... Read More »

Italian Easter Foods?

'Pasquale' or Easter in Italy is one of the biggest festivals of the year, even rivaling Christmas for importance. Easter is usually a week-long celebration, culminating on Easter Sunday, the day w... Read More »

Common Italian Foods?

Ranging from spicy to sweet to hearty, Italian cuisine is popular throughout the world. Many common dishes are derived from ancient Roman and Greek meals, according to researchers at the British Br... Read More »

List of Italian Breakfast Foods?

Italians, like the French and Spanish, enjoy light breakfasts, usually consisting of an obligatory coffee or hot chocolate and one of a wide range of pastries. In Italy, breakfast is typically an o... Read More »