How does tea effect your health?

Answer Teas can have a wide range of positive and negative health effects depending upon the type of tea, it's caffeine content and how it's prepared. Too much tea can be detrimental, but in just the rig... Read More »

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Will burning coal to heat your home effect your health?

No it doesn't. You can burn wood, coal, or fuel oil and it is all safe. The reason being that what ever you burn goes out the chimney. The only thing inside the house is heat. Heck, I've burned coa... Read More »

The Effect Pets Have on Your Health?

Owning a pet can add more than happiness to your life--it can also improve your mental and physical health. Numerous studies over the past decade have demonstrated that owning a pet can make a pers... Read More »

Does global warming have an effect on human health?

On One Hand: Yes, Says WHOIn 2006, the World Health Organization estimated that global warming killed 160,000 people, according to "Time" magazine. Extreme weather conditions, such as heat waves an... Read More »

Does Wearing Hats Have Any Effect on Hair Health?

Hats are beneficial both during the winter and summer months. In the winter, they help protect your head from the cold, preventing possible cold-related illnesses. In the summer and warmer months, ... Read More »