How does taking over payments work?

Answer Taking over payments on another buyer's purchase used to be quite common, but became a type of taboo. The trend returned and buyers are taking advantage of the savings offered.FunctionLease sellers... Read More »

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What does take over payments mean?

In cases of real property (homes, autos, etc.), a loan may be taken over by a third party. The new buyer--in agreement with the original lender and buyer--agrees to make any remaining payments to t... Read More »

If your friend takes over your payments while the car remains in your name can he get full coverage insurance and list the lien holder you make payments to?

Answer Your name must be on the Title or Loan in order to get car insurance under your name. Otherwise this is considered Insurance Fraud. It is punishable by the law.

Can a father sign over his paternal rights if he is current on child support payments and insurance coverage but does not see his children because he lives out of state?

Answer He can file a petition for the voluntary temination of parental rights (TPR) in the state court that has jurisdiction.The judge hearing the case makes the decision if it should be granted a... Read More »

When the primary owner is deceased and has life insurance on the loan and disability on the loan is the estate involved or does the cosigner just take over the payments?

If you have credit life on the loan, you should be able to supply the insurance company with a death certificate as well as with their claims form. Your purchasing dealership may help you. The in... Read More »