How does taking over payments work?

Answer Taking over payments on another buyer's purchase used to be quite common, but became a type of taboo. The trend returned and buyers are taking advantage of the savings offered.FunctionLease sellers... Read More »

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How do disability payments work?

The U.S. federal government offers disability payments through two programs, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security disability. Applications for these disability programs can be fou... Read More »

How to Work to Standardize Mobile Payments?

Mobile payments are one of the technological hallmarks of the 21st century. More and more players are entering this attractive market and there has been notable growth. As a result of the many busi... Read More »

Can I deduct my car down payment and following payments if the car is used mainly for work?

If you are using your car for business purposes, you can deduct the usage in one of two ways: actual expenses or standard mileage. With the standard mileage method, you record the miles driven for... Read More »

If you were moving into the city for a few years and do not need a car which you are still making payments on - can you drop the insurance policy and continue to make payments on the car?

Answer Typically, (depending upon your state) if you wish for a vehicle to NOT be insured any longer, you would need to turn in the license plate before being able to discontinue the insurance. B... Read More »