What does catalytic combustion mean?

Answer Catalytic combustion is a method of handling exhaust in wood stoves. The exhaust moves through a ceramic honeycomb in the wood stove. The gases within the smoke burn in the honeycomb.References:Woo... Read More »

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What does spontaneous generation mean?

Spontaneous generation was a theory--widely held from ancient Roman times through the Medieval Era--that inanimate objects could spawn life. Debate over the theory raged from the mid-17th to the mi... Read More »

How to Perform a Combustion Test?

A blown head gasket, warped head, cracked block or cylinder head can contaminate the coolant with combustion gases in your vehicle. These gases can turn your coolant into a very corrosive acid and ... Read More »

How to Polish a Combustion Chamber?

The invention of hemispherical heads in 1901 marked the beginning of understanding the fluid dynamics of a gasoline explosion in a combustion chamber. By the golden age of hot rods in the 1950s, i... Read More »

Combustion Experiments for Kids?

Combustion is the process that takes place when oxygen atoms, heat and a fuel source react with each other. Combustion is also called burning. Do not try combustion experiments without having a fir... Read More »