How does someone make it onto a site like...?

Answer I want to start a group called getthestickoutofyourbum or itsokaytobesarcasticandfunnyandnotbeatro… or reportersandthumbsdownsuck.......Who's coming with me?

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Is there a site where you can take a photo of you and someone else and see how their baby would look like?

i don't know such site, but i adore your imagination of such site

What software do I use to burn photographs downloaded onto computer from camera onto a disk like a CD or DVD?

Answer If this is on an Apple computer, I can't help you, but purportedly they have built in software to do this. If your computer is running Windows XP or Vista and you just want to save picture... Read More »

When I start my Internet Explorer, it directly goes to www.nsl-org like site.Whereas I want Yahoo site soon.?

In IE on the menu up top, click Tools > Internet Options. When this opens up, on the "General" Tab, in the top section, change this URL to whatever you'd like. Make sure you click "Apply" for the n... Read More »

Does Anyone Know A Site Like YouTube?

heres a big list of site like Youtube(video sharing sites) GodTube.comGoFish.comGoogleVideo.comiFilm.comime... Read More »