How does someone get scabies?

Answer Scabies is an irritating itchy skin problem that happens when a person becomes infested with mites of the species Sarcoptes scabiei. Individuals who are around someone who has scabies are at risk o... Read More »

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Someone who has had scabies please help!!!?

Get medical help...scabies is kinda rare now a days, but get to a doct ASAP. It could be serious like a flesh virus or simply a weird skin reaction

Someone have info about treating scabies?

Well, it's real easy to use the internet and try Google or Wiki to find something and I needed 5 seconds and found this for you, so maybe you can try something of this and read a bit about scabies.... Read More »

|My kids just came in contact with someone that has scabies.?

All staff, volunteers, and visitors who may have been exposed to a patient with crusted scabies, or to clothing, bedding, or furniture used by such a patient, should be identified and treated. symp... Read More »

How does a person get scabies?

A person usually contracts scabies from prolonged, direct skin contact with an infested person.CauseScabies is a condition in which microscopic mites dig into the top layer of the skin, where they ... Read More »