Is it best to paint ur room pink with pink carpet and pink bed covers?

Answer Yes if you are 5 years old

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How do you decorate a blank room for someone that loves pink?

Determine what color pink you want to use first. You can accent the room by using different shades of pink. If you choose to paint, this should be done first. Go to the store and get one of those p... Read More »

Can someone find me the perfect shade of bright pink nail polish?

I personally love OPI and they had a great hot hot pink out this summer, but your best bet would be essie's infatuation, hotshot, or cat walk. If you aren't looking to spend alot, go for rimmel's p... Read More »

If you came in contact with someone who has pink eye, how long would it take before you got it as well?

There are different forms of conjunctivitis. ( Allergic conjunctivitis isn't contagious)Though when you say "Pink Eye", healthcare professionals would think of Viral Conjuctivitis - The one caused ... Read More »

What can make the youtube screen turn pink and keep someone from seeing a video?

Mine was doing that , I tried to download a flash-player with Internet Explorer and it would not work, switched to Mozilla Firefox, un-installed the stupid Internet Explorer, now everything works g... Read More »