How does someone gain skill to sell whitegoods?

Answer Traditionally, you start at a lower-tier store, with no experience and a lower salary. After 6 months to 1 year there, you can consider yourself qualified to move to a higher tier store.AND READ, R... Read More »

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Can someone gain 3 pounds in one day?

My weight can fluctuate up and down up to 7 pounds, this is why you shouldn't weigh yourself everyday once a week gives you a more accurate idea.

Can someone help me gain some weight?

Eat, eat, eat, even when you're not hungry.

How can someone with a fast metabolism gain weight?

eat a gallon of ice cream a day...i guarantee you will gain weight

How do I connect my iPod directly to my 1996 Land Rover Discovery factory radio - does someone sell a cable that can be directly conected?

Answer I bought mine at one of the local large retailers. They run about $10-$20. The radio in the vehicle needs to be designed for it with an 'auxilary' jack in it. The other option is a device ... Read More »