How does soil help us in everyday life?

Answer Soil helps us, because we eat, and you practically need soil in order to eat (: Thanks!

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Drinking sweet drink everyday will affect my life HELP!!!?

does diabetes run in your family? If it does then yes it is possiable.You should attempt to be as healthy as you can.Try making your own tea at home, use half organic sugar and half honey to sweete... Read More »

Does showering everyday help acne?

OH YEAH!i use clearasil in my daily showeronce a dayive been using it for 8 years nowit has worked wonders even during my periods

Does it help your acne if you apply honey facial mask everyday?

i like a sugar scrub with pure olive oil and removes dead skin cells, make your skin really soft and glow-y, helps acne and is homemade! what's not to love?just use half a cup of sugar wit... Read More »

How to Use Martial Art in Everyday Life?

So you love your martial arts and want to know how to use in every day life? Then just read this article and soon you'll have a much happier life with martial arts in your head!