How does social security determine a disability amount?

Answer A person receives the amount of money necessary to put them 3 percent below the poverty line. Nice right :(

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How does Social Security determine disability?

If a person cannot work due to a disability and has paid into FICA (Social Security), she can apply for disability payments through the Social Security Office. The process can take up to six months... Read More »

Does the amount of your social security disability change if you move to another city?

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What is the maximum amount for Social Security disability?

As of 2010, the maximum Social Security disability benefit an individual can receive is $1,961 each month, and the maximum benefit for a family is $3,449 monthly. You need to earn over $95,000 per ... Read More »

How to Calculate Social Security Disability Benefit Amount?

No one plans to become disabled and unable to work. When people hear the term Social Security they generally think only of retirement. Social Security, however, includes other benefits, such as dis... Read More »