How does soapy water affect plants?

Answer Soap strips off the plants' wax coating, which dehydrates them. The plants will eventually not be able to receive water.

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Can plants grow in soapy water?

Soapy water is sometimes called grey water and plants will grow fine if it used for watering. It is better to use soapy water on outdoor plants because there is enough soil to balance out chemicals... Read More »

How does ocean water affect plants?

Answer Ocean water contains high quanitites of "salt". This impurity is left behind in the soil when the water is absorbed and can kill many different types of plants. Plam trees are an example o... Read More »

Does tap water affect the growth of plants?

On One Hand: Plants Require Water to SurviveWater provides plants with important nutrition throughout their growing cycle. Regardless of whether you are using tap water or distilled water, water is... Read More »

How does bleach water affect plants?

bleach water or whatever effects the plants because there are certain chemicals that can kill plants very easily and the chemicals that re in bleach is one of them.