How does shopping for car insurance affect your score?

Answer Answer It doesn't. It will show as a soft hit or inquiry. Some companies don't run credit like State Farm.

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How does the “certified organic” label affect your shopping decisions?

Yes, I value these products highly. I tend to look for organic or shop at Whole Foods a lot. I would like to eat foods as close to nature as possible, so that is why I chose organic. I expect these... Read More »

Does having motorcycle insurance affect your auto insurance?

That Depends..... Motorcycle policies and auto policies are mutually exclusive meaning there is no coverage on an auto policy for motorcycles and vice versa. They are separate policies and each co... Read More »

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How does consolidating your debt affect your credit score?

All they do is take one big check you write them, and pay off your creditors. When one debt is done, they take the money from that and apply it to debt #2, so it goes faster until it's paid. Repe... Read More »