Does shaving hair make it grow back thicker?

Answer Shaving hair is really a form of cutting hair, done with a razor that cuts off the hair close to the skin. And, like cutting withscissors, shaving has no effect on hair growth. This myth was explod... Read More »

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Does Shaving Make Hair Grow Back Thicker?

Some men and women worry that removing unwanted hair will actually result in a thicker, darker regrowth. Others are counting on this effect, shaving on the premise that thicker hair will replace th... Read More »

Does shaving actually make hair grow in thicker when it grows back again?

no hair can not get thicker. it only feels thicker because you cut the hair blunt and it grows back that way until the hair gets thinner on the ends from wear. just like the hair on your head. does... Read More »

Does shaving make hair come back thicker and darker?

On One Hand: Common MythAccording to Mayo Clinic dermatologist Dr. Lawrence Gibson, shaving does not result in darker or thicker hair growth. This is a common misconception due to the darker and ro... Read More »

Does Trimming Hair Make it Grow Back Thicker?

There are many myths about growing longer and thicker hair. One of the biggest is that trimming the hair makes it grow back thicker. This is false. The hair's growth rate and texture are due to oth... Read More »