How does self descipline organizes the time?

Answer self discpline is very importent for students and it make aman perfect.for doing any work.if u are in discpline it mean you Are pantual to your work and you will must do your work in time.ity shows... Read More »

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What is the minimum hospitalisation time in cases of severe self inflicted injuries by self cutting?

Try this number:1-800-DONTCUT Help for "cutters"

How does one practice self-healing through self-hypnotism?

The mind is a mysterious thing isn't it? But I bet you already knew that. Sometimes we can trick ourselves into thinking what we feel is real. I would like to try and help this friend of yours too.... Read More »

What is a stepmother supposed to do when she is the one who goes to school and talks to the teachers and organizes all of the stepson's activities but the father won't listen to her suggestion?

This question assumes as true something that is not true, that a man's sisters-in-law are always in competition for his attention. That may be the case in some instances but is by far not usually t... Read More »

Part-Time Self Employment Ideas?

Working as a self-employed individual may be right for you if you need extra cash and have a schedule that would eliminate your ability to work in a retail store or other type of office. Some peopl... Read More »