How does school work make you smarter?

Answer because after you do something for so long you remember it so it makes you smarter

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How does school make you smarter?

You use your brain, which creates more brain juice and helps you think. You learn. You grow. You live. You practice skills that you've never learned before. I know we all hate school, (I certainly ... Read More »

Would you go back to school to get smarter?

After the "Car Wreck Vanish" episode that left us all gasping at how the left us... there was another episode called "Silverton Final Attempt" which basically lets us all know he is still ok until ... Read More »

What school does Cody from are you smarter than a fifth grader go to?

He goes to my school!!! Hes in my homeroom we are really good friends hes cool so is Brody but i am not sure they would like strangers knowing what school they go to SORRY!!!

Are you smarter than a fifth grader school contest for commercial?