How does salt water affect plants?

Answer Answer Some plants will die and others will live of it  Answer What happens is that the higher concentration of salt in the soil outside of the plant cells causes water to move outside of the cell... Read More »

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Does salt water affect the growth of plants?

On One Hand: It Can Kill ThemSalt water can affect the growth of plants or even kill them. Too much salt water poured on a plant will result in the roots absorbing the salt into the tissues of the ... Read More »

How does salt affect the ph of water?

The pH measurement of a liquid solution refers to its concentration of hydroxide or hydrogen ions, which allow it to conduct electricity. Pure water, with a pH of 7, will not conduct an electrical ... Read More »

Does salt water or vinegar water help plants grow?

On One Hand: Herbicidal QualitiesBoth salt and vinegar work as herbicides, meaning that they kill plants. Undiluted vinegar can be poured directly on plants to kill them. Salt added to water will s... Read More »

Does salt water affect convection currents?

Salt water affects convection currents. Salt water is denser than fresh water, and there is a tendency for salt water to sink beneath fresh water. Of course, there is some mixing. In oceans, less-s... Read More »