How does rock salt make ice colder?

Answer Rock salt slows the melting rate and increases the freezing rate of ice. The melting ice adds water to the ice water solution, increasing the freezing rate even more. The overall result can bring t... Read More »

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How to Make Rock Salt?

Rock salt is just coarse-grained table salt. Many stores sell it by the pound in bags. If you can't find any, then with a little work it's not hard to make your own.

Why do they use rock salt to make ice cream?

If you've ever driven on an icy road both before and after the road crews have arrived, you already know something about the thermodynamics of putting salt on ice. Some modern ice cream machines no... Read More »

Where do you get the salt to put in a 20K gallon pool in El Paso since rock salt is not supposed to be used?

Does iodized salt melt ice faster than rock salt?

Iodized salt has no advantage over rock salt in melting ice and is usually available only in fine, granular form. Iodized salts are added as a dietary supplement to table salt to provide iodine, a ... Read More »