How does putting toothpaste on a burn help it heal?

Answer To jbrizzle: bases cancel out acids. So if you burn yourself with an acid a base will cancel it. But if it's a heat burn, not a chemical burn, you don't want a base; strong bases can cause burns ju... Read More »

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Has putting toothpaste on a zit ever worked for you?

I know this may sound weird but this is what i do.First put a little toothpaste on my zit, then put Clean&Clear Blackhead clearing scrub and mix it on top of the toothpaste. And last, take a dab of... Read More »

How can they keep putting fluoride in our water and toothpaste?

Yet another example of the government making decisions for us!And the flouride is just the tip of a huge iceberg!There is the wide use of MSG in our foods,and it is slowly poisoning America.if you ... Read More »

How to heal a second grade burn and a fever acquired from the burn!!!!!?

Sounds like he has heat stroke. Heat stroke is a very serious emergency, you need to get him to a hospital right away. He will need IV fluids and treatment for the fever and the burns

Does toothpaste(white type paste) help heal burns?

Yes it does. But it has to be the white type or it won't work. You can also buy some cream or something at a nearby dispensary store.