How does putting toothpaste on a burn help it heal?

Answer To jbrizzle: bases cancel out acids. So if you burn yourself with an acid a base will cancel it. But if it's a heat burn, not a chemical burn, you don't want a base; strong bases can cause burns ju... Read More »

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Does toothpaste(white type paste) help heal burns?

Yes it does. But it has to be the white type or it won't work. You can also buy some cream or something at a nearby dispensary store.

Does putting salt on a wound help it heal?

How would/does aluminum foil help heal a burn or alleviate the pain of one?

It prevents oxygen getting to the wound and stops it drying out - cling film does the same trick and is recommended as a good first aid treatment after cooling the burn of course. Oh - nearly forgo... Read More »

Help please! Heal a scab/burn quickly?

stop applying those things and try bacitracin ointment, it heals burns, cuts, sores, pretty much anything in a short amount of time :)