How does prostate sensor radiation affect the bowels?

Answer When a man has prostate cancer, radiation can be used to kill the cancer cells. Unfortunately, radiation can also damage the nearby large intestine and rectum. A prostate sensor is a device that m... Read More »

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Does radiation exposure cause prostate cancer?

On One Hand: Established Links That Radiation Causes CancersAccording to a research review conducted by the JSI Center for Environmental Health Studies in Boston, MA, there is evidence of a connect... Read More »

Prostate Radiation Treatment & Pregnancy?

In some cases, radiation treatment for prostate cancer may be necessary during pregnancy but is generally dependent upon the stage of pregnancy, the stage of cancer, the potential hormonal effects ... Read More »

How much does it cost to get prostate radiation treatments?

The cost of a full radiation treatment program for prostate cancer typically is $40,000 and up. This includes all radiation treatment sessions, which generally number more than 40, and all related ... Read More »

Does radiation kill the entire prostate's cells?

Radiation is cancer treatment that uses high-energy rays to kill cancer cells. Because radiation treatment cannot be directed precisely some healthy prostate cells will be damaged in this treatment... Read More »