How does pollution affect plants&animals?

Answer Pollution of all types can damage the health of plants and animals. Sometimes, this damage can be so severe that it leads to a collapse of an entire ecosystem.Air PollutionAir pollution can cause a... Read More »

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How Does Pollution Affect Plants & Animals?

Pollution to the water, air and soil is harmful to plants and animals. It causes injury and death to animals and inhibits the growth of plant species. The toxic chemicals taken in by plants and ani... Read More »

Why Does the Pollution in the Ocean Affect Human Beings?

Ocean pollution remains a major problem with Earth's delicate ecosystem, indirectly affecting human life. Dumping harmful materials in the oceans contributes to a major source of health problems, i... Read More »

Ways That Nuclear Plants Affect Water Pollution?

Nuclear energy is created by splitting uranium atoms. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, nuclear power accounts for about 19 percent of all U.S. energy production. But there's much d... Read More »

How does air pollution affect plants hi this is for my 6th grade science project. please reply ASAP?

[1] Air pollution can affect soil moisture levels. It's responsible for yo-yo moisture and temperature extremes. For example, too high temperatures can be accompanied by high rates of evaporation f... Read More »