How does play help children soical skills?

Answer Teaches them how to make friends, how to communicate, how to work together, how to share, how to solve problems, how to be nice, use manners...I could go on and on.

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How does large play equipment help children develop?

As you watch your child climb on the playground equipment, hang from the monkey bars or share a swing, you are probably thinking that you are providing an opportunity for fun, energy burn off and s... Read More »

How imaginative play enables children to develop skills and competencies?

Social skills: children learn to play with other children, sharing, turn taking ,negotiating etc. Social Skills for emotional development: children explore different characters which helps them und... Read More »

Books About Teaching Play Skills to Autistic Children?

Children diagnosed with disorders on the autism spectrum, including Asperger's syndrome, have a hard time developing appropriate social behaviors. This is especially apparent in a child's ability t... Read More »

Self-Help Skills in Children?

Part of every human being's maturation is the acquisition of basic self-help skills: using the toilet, eating, grooming and maintaining their living environment (chores). Children learn to do thing... Read More »