How does photo lens converter work?

Answer This af mode is when you are focusing on subjects that are changing distance , it will continuously focus IE sporting event , now just use al focus and it will switch from one shot or al servo when... Read More »

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Canon lens to Nikon body converter?

If there is one, it may not be worth it. The old canon bodies had what is called a 'short flange distance' (distance from the back of the lens to the film; nowadays it would be to the sensor inste... Read More »

What is the difference betwen a Wide-angle lens converter and just a wide-angle lens?

A wide angle lens replaces (temporarily) your standard lens, while a wide angle lens converter screws onto the front of your existing lens (it requires that you get the right one based on the filte... Read More »

What lens would be best for an indoor group photo?

Canonization is a process that the Catholic Church uses to recognize saints. It is used to prove that the person lived a life of heroic virtue and is in Heaven. The Church does not make saints, tha... Read More »

If during the photo shoot I change the lens of the Canon A1 (35 mm) I lose the movie?

Movie? There is no movie with a 35mm film camera like the Canon A1. You should NOT even think about changing the film. I'm guessing that what you're trying to ask is about changing the lens. Of cou... Read More »