How does perms affect the mother and baby while pregnant?

Answer AnswerPerms are fine. There is no evidence to suggest it harms the baby. I was bleaching my hair and everything when i was pregnant and she turned out fine.NO IT'S NOT FINE! Your hormones are chang... Read More »

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I am 9 weeks pregnant scan says im 7 weeks heart beat is good.Is this a serious problem. My baby is healthy or notmiscarriage will happen.Will ultrasound often affect baby?

Ultrasounds are not invasive at all and will not harm you or your baby. If your baby measures 7 weeks but you think you are 9 weeks it could be a number of things. First off, every baby grows at th... Read More »

Can a mother's intelligence affect a baby in her womb?

No, a mother's intelligence will not affect a baby in her womb. Unless the mother is uneducated in childbearing and does not know that drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, and certain foods can severely dam... Read More »

Does Valium affect you're baby if you're pregnant?

Yes, anything you ingest will affect the developing fetus.

When can sex start to affect the baby when you're pregnant?

Prenatal sex does not affect your baby. The mucus plug in the cervix and the muscles of the uterus protect the fetus from contact with the penis. It is generally safe to engage in intercourse throu... Read More »