How does oxygen get into the water?

Answer There are three methods by which water absorbs oxygen: photosynthesis of plant life, surface contact with the air so diffusion can occur, and rapid water movement to absorb air at surface contact.P... Read More »

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How does dissolved oxygen get into the water?

The dissolved oxygen in water is essential to supporting aquatic life, because fish use that oxygen to breathe. Kentucky Water Watch says the sources of the oxygen include the atmosphere, aeration ... Read More »

How do fish get oxygen from the water?

Fish, unlike dolphins and marine mammals, get oxygen directly from the water. Their gills play the largest role in ensuring that fish can acquire the oxygen they need.WaterLike mammals, fish requi... Read More »

Is water used as oxygen in the body?

Water is not used as oxygen in the body, nor can it replace oxygen in the body. However, the body does need water to breathe. The lungs need moisture to speed along the movement of oxygen into bloo... Read More »

How many atoms of oxygen are in a half cup of water?

The simplest answer is that the number of atoms depends on the size of the cup. You can get a rough estimate, however, by weighing the empty cup then weighing the cup when it's half full of water. ... Read More »