What font is the College football part of the ESPN College Football shield logo?

Answer They likely used Jersey Letters font or similar.

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So does Rider have to work overtime now that Blair is missing from the tattoo section?

Actually I DON'T have to work overtime......All the regulars have stepped up the pace. Most of them know much more about tattoos than I do.....I'm here to bash scratchers, tattoo haters and to pro... Read More »

How many hours do you have to work to get overtime?

Anything over 40 H is considered OT. There are exceptions. Some companies designate terms set by that company. If you are a salaired employee there is no OT. The military has it's own set of rules.

Does espn cover college football?

Yes, ESPN does cover collage football. They also cover all draft picks for college as well. They cover NFL also. Very entertaining.

Can an At-Will Employee in California Be Forced to Work Overtime?

California is what is referred to as an " at-will' employment state. The employee or employer can terminate the employment at any time for any reason. At-will employees are divided into two classif... Read More »