How does one rebuild credit after a bankruptcy?

Answer When you file for bankruptcy, the bankruptcy filing will appear within your credit history. A bankruptcy is a derogatory notation on your credit file and can result in your credit score dropping up... Read More »

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How to Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy?

Don't despair if you have wrecked credit — you can take measures to rebuild it. Here's how to get your finances together, whether you've filed bankruptcy or you just need help stabilizing your mo... Read More »

How to Rebuild Credit After Filing for Bankruptcy in Canada?

A common misconception most people have about filing for personal bankruptcy in Canada is that they won't be able to obtain credit for several years after they've been discharged from bankruptcy (a... Read More »

How long does it take to repair credit after bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy can be reported on a credit report for 10 years after the filing. A bad credit history on a credit report does not subject an individual to constant credit rejection. Individuals can wor... Read More »

How to Build Credit After Bankruptcy?

Achieving a good credit score can be a realistic goal after filing for bankruptcy. You can build credit after bankruptcy by making wise financial decisions. Live within your means and use credit ac... Read More »