How does one prepare a turkey?

Answer This guy does all the stuff my grandma said you have to do.…

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How to prepare turkey "beanus"?

I have never done it but I have seen it done this way before. First you start off by eating it raw. You suck on it like it is a Popsicle with rapid up and down motions till all the juices come ou... Read More »

How to Prepare Turkey for Thanksgiving?

Whether you're making turkey for a special holiday dinner or just because, you have been wondering how to cook it right. Everyone cautions against cooking the turkey "the wrong way", but what exact... Read More »

How to Prepare a Turkey Dinner?

Thanksgiving is a time to share your love and thanks for all you've been given in the past year. But this holiday is also focused on food! Are you in charge of the meal this year? Recently married,... Read More »

How to Prepare & Dye Turkey Feathers for Arrows?

The process of fletching is done to provide stability to arrows by adding materials to the end of them, most commonly feathers. According to "Fletchings serve to steer the arrow i... Read More »