How does one practice self-healing through self-hypnotism?

Answer The mind is a mysterious thing isn't it? But I bet you already knew that. Sometimes we can trick ourselves into thinking what we feel is real. I would like to try and help this friend of yours too.... Read More »

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How to Practice Self Acceptance Without Self Judgement?

God wants you to deal with your weaknesses and stop rejecting yourself because of them. Are you tired of playing games, wearing masks, trying to be someone other than who you are? Wouldn't you like... Read More »

What is meant by self healing?

Self-healing is a phrase applied to the process of recovery from psychological disturbances, trauma, and others, motivated by and directed by the patient, guided often only by instinct. Such a proc... Read More »

How to Practice Self Care?

Practising self-care is really important as it will make you feel a lot happier and fulfilled. It is about putting your needs first. Here are a few ideas to start caring about yourself:

Parent's who practice self-weaning...?

My middle child self-weaned at 30 months. I did night wean her shortly after her 2nd birthday, which took some gentle work, but she never really cried, so I think she was ready to night wean. I a... Read More »