How does one modify the limits for maximizing windows in Windows XP?

Answer This has nothing to do with the XP version, this is the way Microsoft Windows was designed, and it has been this way for many years.Any application window that you maximize will fill the available ... Read More »

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Can you modify mac osx more than windows?

No, not anymore. There is very little that you can do with the Mac OS now. Older systems were as you described, but that is very far from the case now. Today, Windows offers more customization then... Read More »

RAM Memory Limits for Windows XP 64 Bit?

Random access memory (RAM) is used by computers to store temporary data. One of the major features of 64-Bit Windows XP is an increase in the total RAM the computer is able to use.

How to Modify a Windows Theme?

Since the release of Windows XP--and continuing with Windows Vista and 7--Microsoft has given users the opportunity to modify settings in the operating system environment to create personalized the... Read More »

How to Modify the Windows Vista Registry?

The Windows Registry stores all of your computer's settings. This article describes how to use the Registry Editor to clear history lists or correct problems.