How does one determine an iPhone's capacity in GB?

Answer The capacity for each iPhone is engraved or printed on the rear case of the device near the bottom. It should have 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB printed inside a rectangular box. If for some reason the c... Read More »

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What does the word other refer to for iPhones capacity?

I asked an Apple "Genius" about this at a store recently because I was interested with the same thing on my 3GS.The 'other' category, mainly, is your phone's operating system. This category will gr... Read More »

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Do RAM determine the capacity of your hard disk space?

My friend, that is one FAST processor!It must be pretty new.O-K, yes, your Hard drive needs to be upgraded, IF you are running low on disk space (Download a lot of video, do you?)But your memory is... Read More »

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