How does one deal with a 5-year-old who has a new baby at home?

Answer Try to explain to the 5-year-old that he/she should have waited until at least age 8 before becoming a mother or father of a child.

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What does a 15-year-old who wants to have a baby and is living in a foster home have to do to convince a judge to allow her to move out so she can live with the baby's daddy?

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My Wife wants to take a year out after having our first baby. What work could she do from home to help income?

Well, selling on E-Bay sounds good, if you have anything to sell. You say she earns well, but you fail to say in what field. If she is an accountant or something, would there be any possibility o... Read More »

Is it wrong to leave my 3 year old dog home alone with my 6 month old baby?

Why would a 2-year-old child repeatedly bite himself at home but not at his baby-sitter's house where he is most often?

Answer Hmmmmmm........interesting. I'm a psychologist and even I can't figure this one out. I believe it has something to do with the environment of your home and the environment of the babysitters... Read More »