How does one break into a room with a keypad lock?

Answer You try too hardYou have a PC or hand-held device (even a phone) that connects to the key pad and tries ALL possible combinations. If the combination is a 4-6 digit code, one can find the code in s... Read More »

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How to Lock Keypad n iPhone?

How to Lock a Nokia Phone Keypad?

Nokia is a cell phone company that sells a wide selection of cell phones. If you have a Nokia phone, you may wish to lock your keypad to avoid accidentally pressing keys while the phone is not in u... Read More »

Schlage Keypad Lock Installation Instructions?

Installing a Schlage keypad lock can save you a lot of time and aggravation caused by lost or broken keys. You can enter a different code for every member of your household, and even enter temporar... Read More »

How do I Lock a Keypad Automatically on a Nokia 3230?

The Nokia 3230 camera phone features several advanced messaging features including MMS, email and instant messaging. The 3230 can also record and play back video and supports viewing of Word and Po... Read More »