How does neutering a cat effect him?

Answer Neutering is also known as surgical castration. Many owners choose to neuter their male cats to prevent unwanted litters of kittens, particularly if their cat is an outdoor cat. All surgeries carry... Read More »

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The Effect of Neutering on a Dog's Growth?

The ASPCA estimates that, of the 5 to 7 million companion animals that enter animal shelters each year, 3 to 4 million are euthanized. Yet, neutering our pets, particularly dogs, remains a hot-butt... Read More »

Does spaying or neutering your pet hurt them?

On One Hand: Spaying or Neutering Is SurgerySpaying or neutering your pet is a surgical procedure that removes your pet's reproductive organs. Your pet must be put under anesthesia and could face s... Read More »

Does spaying cost more than neutering?

Spaying is a more complicated surgery than neutering. Therefore, it typically costs more. As of 2010, the typical cost of neutering a dog, for example, at a low-cost clinic ranges from $45 to $135,... Read More »

How long does it take for a kitten to recover from neutering&declawing?

Most kittens recover within a week of neutering. However, female kittens may be quieter than male kittens after the surgery because they undergo a more complicated operation. Recovery time after de... Read More »