How does natural compost effect plant growth?

Answer Dishwasher detergent is a low sudsing detergent.

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How Does Compost Effect Bean Growth?

Beans do not need a lot of nutrition and thrive on available organic matter. Beans add nitrogen to the soil, so high nitrogen fertilizers will actually cause harm. According to the Illinois Univers... Read More »

How does sun effect plant growth?

AnswerOn an episode of the mythbusters they showed that death metal increased plant growth size opposed to the plants that had no music and the ones that listened to classical music. Because the so... Read More »

WHY does music effect plant growth?

...Good Lord, do I even want to attempt to enter a cat fight?..LOLYes, music does effect plant growth. Not in the sense that it makes it grow really fast or tall, but it will cause the plant to "st... Read More »

Does talking to a plant effect is growth?

Only if you become annoying after a period of time..