How does my spouse use my mgi bill?

Answer The Department of Veterans Affairs website has all the information you need regarding The Montgomery GI Bill:

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Can a spouse use the gi bill for school?

Technically speaking, no. However, while not technically part of the GI Bill itself, the military does have a program called the Military Spouse Career Advancement Account, which gives upward of $6... Read More »

Can a spouse use her husband's GI Bill?

No. While there was a brief period where the Army allowed servicemen to give part of their GI Bill to their spouse or child with the catch that the service member re-enlist, the U.S. Army has dropp... Read More »

How to Use the GI Bill While My Spouse Is Still Active?

When your spouse is enlisted in the military, he receives many benefits, including access to the GI Bill that offers tuition assistance to service members and their dependents. While your spouse is... Read More »

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