How does music affect children?

Answer Musical elements--such as rhythm and sound--can affect a child in a variety of ways. According to CNN, music is a mega-vitamin for the brain that is capable of improving cognitive function and moto... Read More »

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Will the SOPA Affect me if i Have Music/Music Videos On YouTube?

Most definitely. Under SOPA/PIPA YouTube could be shut down and you personally could go to prison for 5 years. But no, you shouldn't take them down just yet; you should join the fight against SOP... Read More »

How does music affect how you work out?

The relationship between music and workouts has been researched and documented. The findings have established that music can affect workouts in several ways.Decreased Awareness of FatigueIn mild to... Read More »

Does rap music affect the community more than r&b?

On One Hand: Effects of Rap MusicRap music is a relatively newer and younger form of music compared with R&B. It rose in the early 1980s, giving a voice to underprivileged urban communities. It car... Read More »

Does music affect your brain?

For sure! If you listen to music as a baby and growing up, you will have a little bit larger 'music center' in your brain. If you are an adult, then music can release hormones that may either get ... Read More »